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Tomato Analyser

van der Knaap Labs @ The Ohio State University

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Scientific article
Development of a controlled vocabulary and software application to analyze fruit shape variation in tomato and other plant species.
MT. Brewer, L. Lang, K. Fujimura, N. Dujmovic, S. Gray, E. van der Knaap,
2006 , Plant Physiol. , 141(1), 15
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Tomato Analyzer is a flexible and comprehensive application that provides intuitive descriptors and output that facilitate the analysis of fruit morphology. Tomato Analyzer allows for accurate and objective measurements of fruit shape attributes in a high-throughput manner and of traits that are nearly impossible to quantify manually. The application is specifically developed to analyze fruit shape QTL in tomato but could readily be applied to fruit of other species and other plant organs such as seed and leaves.

Source: Brewer et al. (2006) Plant physiology , 141(1), 15-25

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