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High-throughput 2D root system phenotyping platform facilitates genetic analysis of root growth and development.
Clark R T, Famoso A N, Zhao K, Shaff J E, Craft E J, Bustamante C D, McCouch S R, Aneshansley D J, Kochian L V
2013, Plant Cell and Environment 36 (2), 454–466

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RootReader2D is a Java Web Start based program designed to assist with root length measurement from digital images, specifically focusing on high-throughput analysis of total root system length and selected root types of interest (eg. primary root length) for aluminium tolerance screening of monocot plants grown in hydroponics. It incorporates several pre-processing, processing and analysis features into a single intuitive and easy to use interface.

RootReader2D has been expanded to perform lateral root counts from selected roots and capabilities to work with width class groups and branching angles are currently being added. It has been adapted to work roots systems that are grown in gellan gum, sand, agarose plate, and paper pouch growth systems.

Source: Clark et al. (2013) Plant Cell and Environment 36 (2), 454–466

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Operating system
windows, mac, linux,


Measured variables
n-branches, length, depth, topology,

Automation level

Plant requirements
mature, seedling,

Image requirements
tiff, jpg, png, bmp,

Export formats
.RR2Dat (modified xml),

Other information
Can only be used as a Java Web Start application