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A new algorithm for computational image analysis of deformable motion at high spatial and temporal resolution applied to root growth. Roughly uniform elongation in the meristem and also, after an abrupt acceleration, in the elongation zone.
CM. van der Weele, HS. Jiang, KK. Palaniappan, VB. Ivanov, K. Palaniappan, TI. Baskin,
2003 , Plant Physiol. , 132(3), 1138


RootflowRT was designed to estimate spatial velocity profiles for growing roots of Arabidopsis thaliana at high spatial resolution. The images of roots that are best suited for analysis are those with clear focus throughout the growing root and the root"s midline is parallel to the horizontal axis of the image frame. Roots that are very curved and undulate in and out of the focal plane are not suitable for analysis.

Source: RootFlowRT website

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