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Massimo Minervini, Valerio Giuffrida, Sotirios Tsaftaris
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True phenotyping-in-a-box solution
Phenotiki is an affordable, easy-to-use, maintain and deploy image-based plant phenotyping platform. With one day setup time, and about €200 of equipment (to build the Phenotiki Sensor), which is easily installed, plants can be imaged and analyzed automatically (based on powerful machine learning algorithms) on a desktop workstation using the Phenotiki suite. And the best part is open in design and freely available to the academic community. Made simple so you can focus on doing just science.
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We offer unique algorithms, including the first automated (machine learning driven) leaf count algorithm

Software is given as open source in Matlab or pre-compiled for any operating system (for those not having Matlab license). Commercial used is not allowed. For commercial use contact Sotirios Tsaftaris.

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Operating system
windows, mac, linux, matlab,

freeware, open-source,

Measured variables
surface, length, diameter, count, shape, color,

Automation level

Plant requirements
Arabidopsis, any,

Image requirements

Export formats

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