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Andrii Seleznov & Maryna Kuzmenko

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Petiole is a mobile app thats opens the door to the world of plants and is the simplest way to get precise data about a plant leaf. Petiole allows you to measure leaves areas, save your measurements, see the comparison of leaves areas, and add experimental crops and fields.

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Running this beta app requires that you obtain personal login and password directly at The app will NOT work unless you have a login and password.
Please contact for more information. This requirement will stay in force for a month and after you will need to update your login and password in the same way.
The app may require a working Internet connection but it is also working without it.
The app uses OpenCV, so you need to install OpenCVManager from Play Store.
For precise measurements you need calibration pad. You can order it from us, just send to us email
Petiole currently was tested on Android 4.2 and 4.4 only.
Note that the app is currently in BETA status, which means some things may not work as expected. We do our best to make Petiole better.