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David Breuer and Zoran Nikoloski
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Scientific article
img2net: Automated network-based analysis of imaged phenotypes.
D. Breuer, Z. Nikoloski,
2014 , Bioinformatics , 0(0), 0
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Automated analysis of imaged phenotypes enables fast and reproducible quantification of biologically relevant features. Despite recent developments, recordings of complex, networked structures, such as: leaf venation patterns, cytoskeletal structures, or traffic networks, remain challenging to analyze. Here we illustrate the applicability of img2net to automatedly analyze such structures by reconstructing the underlying network, computing relevant network properties, and statistically comparing networks of different types or under different conditions. The software can be readily used for analyzing image data of arbitrary 2D and 3D network-like structures.

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Operating system
mac, windows, linux,

open-source, freeware,

Measured variables
network structure,

Automation level

Plant requirements

Image requirements
jpg, tiff, png,

Export formats
txt, svg,

Other information
applicable to 2D and 3D image data of arbitrary networks

Additional information

The software is available as open source under GPL3, as binaries (Linux), and as executable (Windows).

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