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GERMINATOR: a software package for high-throughput scoring and curve fitting of Arabidopsis seed germination.
RV. Joosen, J. Kodde, LA. Willems, W. Ligterink, LH. van der Plas, HW. Hilhorst,
2010 , Plant J. , 62(1), 148
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The GERMINATOR package is a simple, highly cost-efficient and flexible procedure for high-throughput automatic scoring and evaluation of germination that can be implemented without the use of complex robotics and is therefore a low cost system. The GERMINATOR package contains three modules: (i) design of experimental setup with various options to replicate and randomize samples; (ii) automatic scoring of germination based on the color contrast between the protruding radicle and seed coat on a single image; and (iii) curve fitting of cumulative germination data and the extraction, recap and visualization of the various germination parameters. The curve-fitting module enables analysis of general cumulative germination data and can be used for all plant species. The rest of the package can be used to score germination automatic for every species with enough contrast between background, seed coat color and radicle.

Source: Wilco Ligterink (Germinator developer)

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