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An online database for plant image analysis software tools
Lobet G., Draye X., PĂ©rilleux C.
2013, Plant Methods, vol. 9 (38)
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About me

My name is Guillaume Lobet and I am Assistant Professor between the Forschungszentrum Juelich and the Université catholique de Louvain. My current research topic is about shoot-root growth interactions. More information about me and / or my research can be found on my personal webpage and my lab webpage

During my PhD, I spent a lot of time analyzing root images. This website was created following my frustration while I was searching useful software for my root research. There was no place on the web were I can find aggregated information about root (and more generally plant) image analysis software. So I decided to create one. At the beginning, the website was only about root softwares, but in January 2013, I decided to extend it to all plant image analysis tools.

The aim of this website is therefore to help researchers having to analyze plant images to find the right tool for their research.

About this website

This website was coded and designed using the great text-based CMS Kirby. Comments and feedback are powered by Disqus. Finaly, website statistics presented on this page are generated using Oochart and Google Charts.


The aim of this website is only to help researchers having to analyze plant images, not to promote a specific software. It has absolutely no commercial purpose (actually, by hosting it, we loose money).

We try to do our best to keep the software list up to date, but we might miss some useful software and some information might not be correct or accurate enough. Most of the informations and pictures you can find here are coming either from the software websites, user manuals or scientific articles. If you notice any mistake, please let me know so we can correct it.

Of course, we try not to break any copyrights by maintaining this website, but if we did, just contact us, we will swiftly correct the mistake. Unlike specified otherwise, all rights belong to the authors of the different softwares.

Conflict of interest

we admit having one conflict of interest curating this website since our own root image analysis softwares, SmartRoot and GLORIA, as well as a dataset, are listed here. We tried our best not to put it forward and it received the same amount of space as the other ones, but if you think it is not the case, please do not hesitate to tell us so we can correct the mistake.